Masked input field

This is a masked input field for formatted string values. (e.g. phone number, zip code, card numbers...etc)

Please note, this field depend on the following library:

Special properties of field

Property Default Accepted values Description
autocomplete none see doc Indicates whether the value of the control can be automatically completed by the browser.
mask none String Mask for input field (E.g. (99) 999-9999)
maskOptions none Object Settings to masked component. Read more info from options
placeholder none String Placeholder text for input field
readonly false Boolean If true, the input field is read only




Phone number masked field

    type: "masked",
    label: "Mobile phone",
    model: "mobile",
    mask: "(99) 999-9999"

Date masked field

    type: "masked",
    label: "Date",
    model: "date",
    mask: "99/99/9999",
    maskOptions: {
      placeholder: "mm/dd/yyyy"

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