You can install it via NPM.

$ npm install vue-form-generator


Download zip package and unpack and add the vfg.css and vfg.js file to your project from dist folder.

Core vs Full version

VueFormGenerator come in two version : core and full.
Core is a more minimal version with only half the fields.
Full is core + other fields.

  • Full bundle: 75 kB (gzipped: 19 kB)
  • Core bundle: 39 kB (gzipped: 11 kB)

If you don't know what to choose, don't worry, the full is the default version.
If you want the slim down version, here is the changes:

// the "core" way
  import VueFormGenerator from "vue-form-generator/dist/vfg-core.js";
  import "vue-form-generator/dist/vfg-core.css";


VueFormGenerator use fecha and lodash internally.

While core fields don't need external dependencies, optional fields may need other libraries.
These dependency fall in two camp: jQuery or Vanilla. You can find almost the same functionality in both flavor.
That way, it's your choice to depend on jQuery or not.

Field type jQuery Vanilla
Address autocomplete N/A googleAddress
Color picker spectrum N/A
Date picker datetime pikaday
Masked Input masked cleave
Multi Selection selectEx vueMultiSelect
Slider slider noUiSlider

You can find details about dependencies in each field page.

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