This is a Google Static Map service field. It's only show a static map.

Please note, for this field you need internet access to site & maybe Google Maps API key!

Special properties of field

Property Default Accepted values Description
staticMapOptions none Object Settings to static map link. Read more info from options


Property Default Accepted values Description
lat lat String Name of latitude key in model
lng lng String Name of longitude key in model
zoom 8 Number Zoom level of map
sizeX 640 Number X size of image
sizeY 640 Number Y size of image
scale none String Scale affects the number of pixels that are returned
format none String Defines the format of the resulting image. By default, the Google Static Maps API creates PNG images. There are several possible formats including GIF, JPEG and PNG types. Which format you use depends on how you intend to present the image. JPEG typically provides greater compression, while GIF and PNG provide greater detail.
maptype none String Defines the type of map to construct. There are several possible maptype values, including roadmap, satellite, hybrid, and terrain
language none String Defines the language to use for display of labels on map tiles.
region none String Defines the appropriate borders to display, based on geo-political sensitivities. Accepts a region code specified as a two-character ccTLD ('top-level domain') value.
markers none String Define one or more markers to attach to the image at specified locations. This parameter takes a single marker definition with parameters separated by the pipe character ( ).
path none String Defines a single path of two or more connected points to overlay on the image at specified locations. This parameter takes a string of point definitions separated by the pipe character ( ).
visible none String Specifies one or more locations that should remain visible on the map, though no markers or other indicators will be displayed. Use this parameter to ensure that certain features or map locations are shown on the Google Static Maps API.
style none String Defines a custom style to alter the presentation of a specific feature (roads, parks, and other features) of the map. This parameter takes feature and element arguments identifying the features to style, and a set of style operations to apply to the selected features.
key none String Google Maps API key
signature none String This is a digital signature used to verify that any site generating requests using your API key is authorized to do so. Note: If you enable billing, the digital signature is required.


Show address on map by geolocation coords

    type: "staticMap",
    label: "Map",
    model: "address.geo",
    visible: false,
    staticMapOptions: {
        lat: "latitude",
        lng: "longitude",
        zoom: 6,
        scale: 1,
        // maptype:"satellite",
        // region:
        // path:
        // visible:
        // style:"feature:road.highway%7Celement:labels.text.stroke%7Cvisibility:on%7Ccolor:0xb06eba&style=feature:road.highway%7Celement:labels.text.fill%7Cvisibility:on%7Ccolor:0xffffff",
        // key:
        // signature:

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