This is simple list of radio buttons to select

Special properties of field

Property Default Accepted values Description
values none Array or Function List of items. It can be an array with items, or a Function, what is resulted an array. The item can be a String, Boolean, Number or an Object (with an value and a name properties). You can change value and name (under radiosOptions) to select any properties of that object as value or name.
radiosOptions {} Object Settings to radios component. See details below.


Property Default Accepted values Description
value none String Used to select any properties from object in values to use as actual value to save in model.
name none String Used to select any properties from object in name to use as display in the list


Radios field with array of strings:

    type: "radios",
    label: "Very best friend",
    model: "friend",
    values: [

Radios field with object values:

    type: "radios",
    label: "Choose you product color",
    model: "color",
    values: [
        {name: "Deep Pink", value:"#FF1493"},
        {name: "Peach Puff", value:"#FFDAB9"},
        {name: "Dark Orange", value:"#FF8C00"},
        {name: "Light Green", value:"#90EE90"}

Radios field with custom object values:

    type: "radios",
    label: "Identify the dolphin's name from the photo",
    model: "dolphin",
    values: [
        {common_name: "White-beaked dolphin", binomial_nomenclature:"Lagenorhynchus albirostris"},
        {common_name: "Peale's dolphin", binomial_nomenclature:"Lagenorhynchus australis"},
        {common_name: "Northern right whale dolphin", binomial_nomenclature:"Lissodelphis borealis"},
        {common_name: "Common bottlenose dolphin", binomial_nomenclature:"Tursiops truncatus"},
        {common_name: "Long-beaked common dolphin", binomial_nomenclature:"Delphinus capensis"},
        {common_name: "Pacific white-sided dolphin", binomial_nomenclature:"Lagenorhynchus obliquidens"},
        {common_name: "Pantropical spotted dolphin", binomial_nomenclature:"Stenella attenuata"},
        {common_name: "Chilean dolphin", binomial_nomenclature:"Cephalorhynchus eutropia"}
    radiosOptions: {

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