Optional fields

These fields are availble in the full version of VueFormGenerator. Some of these also have external dependency.

  • cleave - Format input text content when you are typing
  • dateTimePicker - datetime picker with bootstrap-datetimepicker component
  • googleAddress - Format input text content when you are typing
  • image - Image select field (URL or upload in base64 string)
  • masked - Masked text input field with maskedinput component
  • noUiSlider - Lightweight JavaScript range slider
  • pikaday - A refreshing JavaScript Datepicker
  • selectEx - select list with the bootstrap-select component
  • slider - pretty range slider with ion.rangeSlider component
  • spectrum - Color picker with "The No Hassle" Spectrum jQuery Colorpicker component
  • staticMap - Display a static map from Google Maps.
  • switch - Switch field (toggle two values (on/off, yes/no, active/inactive)
  • vueMultiSelect - Probably the most complete selecting solution for Vue.js

External dependency

Depending on whether you want to use jQuery, we tried to make the same kind of functionnality available with or without it.
Here, vanilla mean that a third party librairy is needed and that third party don't use or need jQuery.

Field type jQuery Vanilla
Address autocomplete N/A googleAddress
Color picker spectrum N/A
Date picker datetime pikaday
Masked Input masked cleave
Multi Selection selectEx vueMultiSelect
Slider slider noUiSlider

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