selectEx field

This is a select list field for multiple selection.

Please note, this field depend on the following library:

Special properties of field

Property Default Accepted values Description
multiSelect none Boolean If true, you can select multiple items. In this case the value will be an Array
values none Array or Function List of items. It can be an array with items, or a function, what is resulted an array. The item will be a String or an object with an id and a name properties.
selectOptions {} Object Settings to select component. Read more info from options




Multiple select list with array of strings:

    type: "selectEx",
    label: "Skills",
    model: "skills",
    multi: true,
    required: true,
    multiSelect: true,
    selectOptions: {
        liveSearch: true,
        maxOptions: 3,
        size: 4,
        selectedTextFormat: "count > 3"
    values: [

Simple select list:

    type: "selectEx",
    label: "Country",
    model: "",
    required: true,
    multiSelect: false,
    default: "United Kingdom",
    selectOptions: {
        liveSearch: true,
        size: 10
    validator: validators.required

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